NIOS DLED Study Centre

NIOS has published the name of DLED study centre for most of the learner teacher. Earlier NIOS had published the name of study centre for the most of district.  The name of study centre, name of coordinator and their address and contact details were available on NIOS DLED site, but recently on NIOS has given a link were each learner can get the details of their individual study centre . as you know that there study centre will work as a  contact  and facilitation centre for NIOS DLED learner teachers. These study centre will publish the personal contact programme (PCP) routine very soon on the NIOS DLED website . as we know each study center has to arrange at least  15 personal contact programme(PCP) for clearing the doubts of NIOS DLED learners. Learner teachers will also submit their tutor-marked assignment (TMA) in these study centre. These NIOS DLED study centre will record the attendance of the registered teachers. They will organize a workshop for practical teaching. The schedule of the workshop will be provided very soon. This centre will evaluate TMA and give TMA awards. They will also give the practical awards for practice teaching and other practical’s. Most of the district has provided the list of study center on the website .  the individual study centre are as follows:-STUDY CENTRE